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White Rose WPF Control Library
I'm a WPF rocker althouth i'm new in this area. In the first time when I create a WPF program, i said: "Why we just have some built-in WPF controls?". WPF allow you to do everything but I don't want to make everything, I want to use everything :-) It's the reason I implement this library.

Which control will be implemented?
  1. Vietnamese CalendarMonth (or Lunar CalendarMonth)
You also can use this control for other culture but it support fully for Vietnamese culture (It's easy to understand what's the reason because i'm a Vietnamese). You can find the lunar date (âm lịch) and some other useful information (example: tiết khí). I also support displaying weekend and holiday in a different style. If you think you need more features, please let me know. I'll try my best.

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